5 reasons why French language is still omnipresent in Africa

There has been a surge in interest in French translation services . Businesses are interested in the service as a result of their attempt to communicate with the 200 million French speaking individuals on the planet. What may be surprising to some is that more than half of these individuals, approximately 96.2 million French speakers, live in Africa. What may be surprising still is that if trends in birth rates and literacy continue as they are on the African continent, it is expected that French speakers will reach the 700 million mark by the year 2050. But why do so many in Africa still speak French?

1)French and Social Status
One reason why French has retained its popularity, especially in traditionally Arab speaking parts of North Africa, is because of the clout associated with speaking French. For many in these countries, French is considered the language of the higher class or the educated, especially when compared to the local varieties of Arabic. Many will speak French to each other and in public simply because they want others to know that they are educated and that they belong to a higher class.

2) French, a More Precise Language
French, like many of the romantic languages, is extremely precise. This is especially the case when French is compared to some of the local dialects of Arabic that are spoken in parts of North Africa. Local dialects of Arabic should not be confused with classical Arabic, such as is used in the Koran which is extremely precise.

3) French Is a Language of Their Heart
As humans, when we form relationships with other people, we do so in a particular language. This is true for many who live in parts of northern and central Africa. They have developed relationships with individuals growing up and speaking with them in French. For example, two people in West Africa may have attended college together and speak French throughout the entirety of their college years. They date speaking French. When they get married, they will continue to speak French to each other.

4)French, the Language of Aid Programs and NGO Programs
Although colonialism ended on the African continent some decades ago, non-African countries interact with African countries based on the idea that Africa can be divided into three language groups: English, French, and Portuguese. For this reason, in countries that were once French colonies, aid programs and many international programs are presented in French.

5) Strong French Economical and Political Involvement
France is still very much involved in the political and financial goings-on’s in countries like Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo. As a result, business transactions and large-scale financial transactions are done in French. A firm grasp on the French language is an important part of success in these countries.

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Reasons to Visit Third World Countries: A Guide for Exploration

Despite pervasive negative stereotypes, third world countries can actually instill enlivening experiences for tourists. Often times, these unexplored paradises provide an oasis to get away from the constant demands of modern Western civilizations.

These locales harbor a safe haven for aboriginal cultures to thrive. This creates an anthropologist’s dream destination. Within these remote locations, they can get in touch with alternate ways of being that are simply fascinating. This practice can broaden one’s scope of humanity’s potential. Archaeologists can find valuable artifacts from the past to share with scientific minds back home.

Chinese Medicine

There are several activities to partake in while among third world populations. Local cuisine can be a wondrous delicacy, and sharing food is an excellent way to form bonds with indigenous communities. Travelers should be prepared to try a variety of interesting specimens!

Tourists can enjoy the unparalleled scenic beauty of nature’s flawless magnificence when it is preserved in its ancient state. Witnessing undisturbed marvels on this planet has become a much rarer experience in modern times. A voyage to the third world can allow an individual to transcend the boundaries of their own limited culture. This humbling trip can be filled with awe-inspiring sights to see, but the most important asset to be gained from an adventure to a developing region is an enlightening expansion of one’s personal worldview.

Acupuncture Montreal

Globally, colonial societies eschew natural remedies in favor of pharmaceuticals. An excursion to a land with different notions of medication can alleviate several ailments that cannot be properly treated in Western countries. For example, to truly receive the benefits of pure acupuncture, Montreal residents should travel to a region that has specialists that are uniquely trained in the matter. Furthermore, many drug laws do not apply in these regions. Many anthropologists imbibe the spiritual substances supplied to them by a shaman in the region to have illuminating visions. This kind of connection to human roots cannot be found anywhere else, and it is commonly outlawed in countries that are financially established.

humanitarian efforts

Another reason to visit third world countries is to participate in humanitarian efforts. Some communities lack fresh water and shelter, so it is a truly noble deed to spend time building resources for residents in these areas. Many organizations exist for the sole purpose of connecting volunteers with causes around the world. Two of the most prominent names in this field are Habitat for Humanity and the Peace Corps.

You can also find that visiting the third world countries is a great way to learn more about alternative health care treatments like acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Getting the Best for Less: Top 8 Canadian Used Car Sites

Most people see a pre-owned vehicle as an alternative to buying a brand new car, but going the used route is often the smarter choice for a lot of reasons. The clear advantage of buying a used car is that you’ll end up paying far less than you would for a current-year, fresh-off-the-assembly-line model, but you’ll also be able to acquire discontinued classics, vehicles that already come with expensive extras, and more. The following are some great websites for those considering the purchase of a used car in Canada.

1) Autotrader

Autotrader is one of the most popular car-buying databases in the world. The site allows users to hone in on a vehicle that’s local and suits their preferences. After inputting a city or postal code and applying filters such as make, price, and mileage, a page with all the results that fit your criteria is displayed in just a few short seconds. Not only can you buy new and used cars using Autotrader, you can also locate boats, RVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, farm equipment, and more.

Used cars in calgary

2) Used Cars Canada

Used Cars Canada is a website that’s very similar to Autotrader. After loading up the main page, you’ll notice a counter that lists the number of used cars currently available on the entire site–a number that usually hovers around 40,000 at any given time. Used Cars Canada offers a wide variety choices from all the major manufacturers.

3) Kijiji

This used car site has a simple and user-friendly layout that makes it easy to find what you want in a jiffy. There aren’t a ton of menus or pages to scroll through, just a single vehicle search tool that includes all the options you’d ever need to find your perfect pre-owned vehicle.

4) Monster Auto

According to the creators of this car database, Monster Auto is a “Revolutionary Canadian Online Car Classified Website” due to its intuitive design. Like other sites, both private sellers and dealers can post listings to share their offerings. It’s also nice to see Monster Auto provide tips and advice on how to buy and sell cars.

5) Auto 123

While this site doesn’t have the most intuitive layout of the bunch, it does provide a lot of useful information including: car reviews, recalls, current automotive news, maintenance tips, and more.

6) eBay

If you don’t know about eBay, you’ve been living under a rock. This website allows you to purchase or sell just about anything that you can think of. Plenty of people use eBay to sell their used cars and car parts, and you’d be surprised to see how nice the selection is.

Buy A Used Car

7) Car Pages

With a motto like “Car shopping made easy!”, it’s no wonder why so many inexperienced buyers count on this site to do their car searching. On the right hand side, you’ll notice three sections that narrow your results by province, city, or model. If you’re looking for used cars calgary, for example, simply click on “Calgary” to bring up a new page with additional options.

8) Autocan

AutoCanada is among the top automotive dealership franchises in the country. The group is not only known for having a vast selection and great prices, it’s also home to some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable automotive professionals around.

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4 Simple but Powerful Tools to Translate Your Website

Web translation services make it convenient for users to translate websites into different languages. Translation services prove useful when Internet users need to view web pages in a language they understand. Several translation tools exist. All provide the same service; the only difference is the number of languages that each offers.

1. Google Translate

This is one of the most common web translation services. It allows Internet users to translate websites into more than 50 languages including Albanian, Latin, French, Spanish and Urdu among others. This language translation tool automatically scans webpages to detect text language. Web users can use this tool to translate individual words and passages in web pages.

Google Translate

2. Yahoo Babel Fish

Yahoo Babel Fish is another popular web translation service. Unlike Google translator, Yahoo Babel Fish does not have a text auto-detection feature. This means users have to select the original text language then select the language into which they would like to translate the page. Once the user sees the result, he can switch back to the original text language.

3. Bing Translator

This is the default translation tool for Bing search engine. Like Google translate, Bing translation tool automatically detects a website?s original language once a user enters the website?s URL. This tool can translate web text into 35 languages including Lithuanian, Thai, French and Korean among others.

Users can have access to the mobile version of the language translation tool. Once a user enters the URL of the webpage they intend to translate, the result of the translation is displayed below the translator toolbar. One of the most distinct features of this translation tool is that it allows users to mouse over text in a webpage to see the original.

Bing Translator

4. Word Lingo

This free web translation tool allows users to translate text to and from other languages. Text can be translated into German, English, French, Russian, Portuguese and others. The free subscription has a 500-word limit. However, users can subscribe to the pay service that does not have the limit. This web translation tool works with different web browsers.

Web translation service is cheaper and faster than manual translation.

Web translation tool developers employ professional linguists to assist in the development of the tools.

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